Run The Jewels - Early


Right before Run The Jewels released their critically lauded second album, my friends and I reached out and offered to make them a music video. To our shock, they responded and agreed. We realized we had stumbled into an astounding opportunity and did our best to make the most out of it.

The resulting music video has now crested over 2 million views on youtube and you know what? I think it holds up. We were flying by the seat of our pants in many ways. This was only the second time Preston had modeled and rigged a 3D character, and it was my first time animating with one. But the fire was lit under our asses so we pushed through and made something we're still all proud of. 

Role: Art-Direction, Design, Animation


Stills & GIFs



Direction: Bug & Sluzzy

Producer: Kurt Simpson

Design: Preston Gibson, Alex Deaton

3D Modeling: Preston Gibson

Animation: Alex Deaton, Preston Gibson

Type Design: Parker Gibson